Terms & Conditions

All Lane 4 Lifeguards Memberships are subject to the following terms and conditions.

1. Purchase of Membership
If you meet the criteria and are accepted for a Lane 4 Lifeguards Membership you will be contacted by LAne 4 Lifeguards within 7 days of your membership application. Your initial membership package will be emailed to you outlining the upcoming courses and booster programs available in your area.

2. Term of Agreement
All Lane 4 Lifeguard Memberships are subject to a minimum engagement period of 12 months from the initial purchase or from the renewal date of your membership. If you choose to cancel your membership or your membership is terminated for any reason, you will be subject to a payment which is equal to the remaining 12 month peiod of your current membership. For clarity, if you choose to cancel or your membership is terminated for any reason in the remaining period of engagement up to the 12 months will be charged to your provided card.

3. Fees and Charges
3.1 Monthly Direct Debit/Reoccuring Charges | Third Party Provider
Lane 4 Lifeguard Memberships are debited from the nominated credit card on a monthly basis and are subject to the terms and conditions outlined herein, furthermore, Lane 4 Lifeguards uses a thrid party provider (Stripe) to complete reoccuring transaction, therefore, payments for Lane 4 Lifeguards Memberships are subject to the terms and conditions of the third party provider (Stripe).

3.2 Monthly Direct Debit/Reoccuring Charges | Default Policy
Should your direct debit/reoccuring charge be declined by for any reason and where charges are applied to Lane 4 Lifeguards for any bank charges and or dishonour fees, these will be charged directly back to the member at cost price plus a $10.00 administration fee for processing charges.

3.3 Refunds and Cancellations
Lane 4 Lifeguards is not obligated to offer refunds for memberships which are cancelled during the engagement period (12 months as per section 2 Term of Agreement). Memberships are not transferrable to a third party, however, refunds may be considered in exceptional circumstances. All refund applications must be directed to the enquiries form of this website.

4. Online Portals and Login
As part of your membership with Lane 4 Lifegaurds from time to time you will be issued with unqiue codes and or passwords to access Lane 4 Lifegaurds online portals. When issued with a code or password you are only entitled to use this code or password whilst you have a current membership with Lane 4 Lifegurds. Should your membership be declined or cancelled for any reason, your permissions for any Lane 4 Lifeguard portals will be revoked immediately. Fees and charges may apply to reinstate your access permissions should this occur.

5. Intellectual Property
Throughout the membership period, members may be privilidged to Lane 4 Lifegaurds and its entities Intellectual Property (IP). All LAne 4 Lifeguards and its entities IP must not be reproduced or provided to a thrid party without the express written consent of company directors. All breaches of the IP terms and conditions may result in immediate termination of a membership.