Professional Lifeguard Management

As part of our corproate services, Lane 4 Lifeguards offers professional Lifeguard Management to local government organisations and private enterpise, specialisng in water parks, commercial aquatic centres (Lagoons and Swimming Pools) and open water environments. Our core goal is to provide the highest level of service in the industry, this is acheived by the partnership we make with our Lifeguard team. We go to great lengths to provide a quality service which extends to many areas of Lifeguard Management which other organisations can not deliver or fail to deliver. We are innovative, proactive and strive to meet and exceed expectations via our Lifeguard training programs and Professional Lifeguard Management platform.

Lane 4 Lifeguards draws on over 50 years of Lifeguard experience and commercial aquatic facility management to deliver an unrivalled Lifeguard Management Service. Our industry experience and innovative pathways drives our desire to offer the highest standard of Lifeguard services across Australia. Specialising in pool Lifeguard management and open water lifeguard management, Lane 4 Lifeguards can partner with your organisation to provide quality Lifeguard services.

Through our comprehensive Lifeguard Management program, our clients have access to a range of services including, Lifeguard response testing, Advanced Aquatic Rescues, Booster programs, Lifeguard Operations Audits, Online Store, Lifeguard Community Networking, Professional Development Pathways, Community Education Programs and much more.

"We are committed to challenging and pushing the standard of Lifeguard services in Australia" - Daniel Mulvey | Lane 4 Lifeguards, Managing Director.