"STAR™️" Membership

Your Potential. Our Committment.
Lane 4 Lifeguards is committed to challenging you as a Lifeguard. We strive to produce the highest skilled Lifeguards in Australia through our ongoing professional development program. As a member of the Lane 4 Lifeguards STAR™️ program, you will enjoy a number of opportunities to enhance your skills and maximise your potential as an aquatic first responder. Lane 4 Lifeguards are required to meet a series of criteria to maintain each STAR™️ rating, all of our Lifeguards are assessed based on their skills and ability.

All Lifeguards must maintain a minimum of a 2 STAR™️ average rating to maintain their membership with Lane 4 Lifeguards. This forms the basis of our "Accountability" ethos within the STAR™️ membership. Lifeguards who fall below a 2 STAR™️ average are required to undertake a series of training and upskilling to maintain their membership with Lane 4 Lifegaurds.

STAR™️ ratings are based on performance reveiws and spot audits conducted by Lane 4 Lifeguards and external consultants. Reviews and audits are completed at random intervals to ensure "real time" performance metrics are collated. All Lane 4 Lifeguards must meet or exceed performance benchmarking during the reviews and audits to maintian thier relevant STAR™️ ratings.