STAR™️ Lifeguard Training Program

In order to meet the expectations of our clients, the STAR™️ Lifeguard Training Progam incorporates the highest level of techniques across the world to deliver a training platform which raises the bar and challenges the standards within the Lifeguard industry. We are committed to being innovative in our approach to Lifeguard services and will continue to improve our systems and training platforms on an ongoing basis.

As part of the STAR™️ Lifeguard Training Program, all Lifeguards must meet the minimum standard, that is a RLSSA Pool Lifeguard certificate or equivalent. Once the relevant qualification requirements are met, Lane 4 Lifeguards will start their journey to become the most skilled lifeguards in the industry. Our training strategy uses technology to enhance the learning opportunities of our Lifeguards on an ongoing basis, this coupled with our booster courses (held regularly) Lane 4 Lifeguards are by far the most scrutenised and accountable Lifeguards in the Industry.

STAR™️  Lifeguard Ranking System

Lane 4 Lifeguards uses a "STAR™️" ranking system to identify the skills and abilities of individual Lifeguards. This "STAR™️" rating is used by our clients to enhance the potential employment opportunities and deliver a high standard of Lifeguard service to the community. Our ongoing committment to our Lifeguards, ensures they have the resources and training to maximise their "STAR™️" ranking.

Equipment and Resources

Lane 4 Lifeguards is an innovative and highly skilled organisation which uses technology to enhance the learning capabilities of our Lifeguards. Online learning resources and the ability to interact with other lifeguards around the world via the "lifeguards community" initiative, ensures Lane 4 Lifeguards are at the forefront of advanced techniques and training.