STAR™️ Booster Program

We believe a fundamental flaw exists in the current Lifeguard industry and the standard of services is diminsihing as a result. Our system has been specfically designed to enhance and "boost" the skills of our Lifeguards on an ongoing and consistent basis. The STAR™️ Booster program enables Lane 4 Lifeguards to practice their skills through detailed and relevant sessions conducted by our professional trainers. Booster sessions can be tailored to suit the requirements of the team or individual Lifegaurds as required.

Our STAR™️ Training programs (including the Booster Program) form part of Lane 4 Lifeguards membership and are conducted no additional cost. The intention is to provide our Lifeguards with the skills and confidence to be rescue ready, and provide quaity care and service to the community.

Corporate STAR™️ Booster Program
Corporate STAR™️ Booster programs are designed specifically for corporate members and their teams. Our professional trainers will work with your organisation to determine any gaps in the service delivery and Lifeguard skills to tailor a booster program to maximise the potential of your Lifeguard team  (For more information on our Corporate Memberships please refer to the Corporate Member page).